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Make the world your Payground!


1APayment is a new platform which will unite the parallel worlds of today’s payment system with the new crypto world and allows customers to access their cryptocredits for almost all payments.

1APayment is a combination of bank, exchanger, payment platform and transfer service. Through our bank you will receive your own debit creditcard.

With this you are able to pay in almost all shops, whether it is the supermarket on the corner, the gas station or the cinema.

Our payment plattform has a similar structure at the online banking.


Masternodes are the nodes for operating the 1AP blockchain. The operators of Masternodes receive rewards for maintaining the network for the coins they hold.
The rewards are based on the availability of a node in the decentralized chain network. 500 1AP Coins are required to operate with a masternode.
A Masternode owner is entitled to vote on future development proposals.
Each transaction requires a minimum of 50 confirmations.

Packages for Masternodes
500 Coins 2%
5000 Coins 2.1%
10000 Coins 2.2%
50000 Coins 2.5%
100000 Coins 2.7%
240000 Coins 3%


Invoice Payment Service

The beta – phase is not the final version of the platform for the invoice payment system, but for us it’s a further test phase to get a better knowledge of our customers, to be able to give a better respond to our customer which they need to adapt the platform to their wishes.

You can pay the phone bill, the rent or the new car with Bitcoins.

In three simple steps, invoices can be paid with Bitcoins.

  1. Fill the form with the required data
  2. Upload the invoice or contract to be paid for
  3. Send the bitcoins to the wallet address we provide you.

After we have received the Bitcoins, we will execute the transfer after having 3 blockchain confirmations and send the executed transfer voucher by email as confirmation of the transfer.
Should any questions arise during the processing, our live support team will be happy to help and advise you.

Up to an amount of 1500 Euro per invoice, each invoice payment is made without verification. Invoices over 1500 Euro can be paid with verification.

The verification takes place via the upload of ID, passport or identity card and a utilitybill (electricity bill, telephone bill, bankaccount statement – not older than 3 months is allowed).

Pay your invoice with Crypto!

The Stable Coin –  The 1tUS 

After receiving numbers of requests of customers which are looking for a coin that offers the possibility of merching Blockchain and Fiat or as a fixed point, additionally offers quick handling and a fixed value in relation to the US Dollar, as well as the challenge of satisfying transparency. We take this step with the 1tUS coin. The coin on the own blockchain offers a fast transmission, possibilities of the purchase over the 1tUS platform and a weekly Livestream transmission of the bank balance around the transparency to ensure it.

The coin is adjusted to the exchange rate of the US Dollar.

For 1 US Dollar you can buy and sell 1 “1tUS Coin”.

The coin will be listed one after the other on all exchanges and due to the speed of the transfer it is of particular interest for trading, arbitrage. Details to the 1tUS Coin in the appendix as Onepage – description.

details about 1tUS Coin!

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